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Dhoni replies to fans- It would be a gift from me to fans to play another season

Dhoni replies to fans- It would be a gift from me to fans to play another season

Dhoni replies to fans- It would be a gift from me to fans to play another season

The most anticipated IPL season-ending question about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's future in the tournament was answered, but he didn't completely say yes. The soon-to-be 42-year-old captain of CSK acknowledged that the best time to leave was now, but he believed he could give his devoted fans a gift by remaining on for another season.

Dhoni stated during the ceremony for the award, "The easy thing for me to say is thank you and retire." However, the difficult thing is working hard for nine months and attempting to play one more IPL season. The body must support itself. However, playing one more season would be a gift from me given the love I have received from CSK fans. I have to do something for them because of the way they've shown their love and emotion.

"At the beginning of the season in Ahmedabad, the entire crowd was chanting my name. "It will be good to come back and play whatever I can," Dhoni added. "It was my same thing in Chennai.


IPL's re-visitation of scenes all over the country interestingly starting around 2019 and the assumption that Dhoni was going to play his last ignited a cross country show of help for the CSK commander. As Dhoni led CSK to yet another playoff and ultimately the final, there were more yellow supporters at almost every ground. The hotly anticipated gathering of the CSK commander and the Chepauk devoted saw hero worship for him hit breaking point in Chennai - a peculiarities that even moved the generally poker-confronted Dhoni to tear.

"The first time we played at CSK, everyone was chanting my name, and you do get emotional. "I needed to take some time off in the dugout because my eyes were full of water," Dhoni revealed. I understood I really want to partake in this. They seem to value me for who I am and the fact that I don't try to be something I'm not.

CSK came into the season on the rear of wounds to a couple of central members in the bowling division. Due to the absence of Mukesh Choudhary and Simarjeet Singh, the two bright spots of another otherwise subpar IPL 2022 campaign, Dhoni was forced to use more inexperience with the ball. It ended up being a season for CSK where they batted profound and with a great deal of aim as they approached making large scores and outbatting restrictions generally speaking. One of these things was the final, too.

"There were lapses today, the bowling department did not work," Dhoni stated, "but it was the batting department that took the pressure off of them today."

Even though Dhoni's final innings aren't over yet, another CSK batsman announced his departure on May 29 and celebrated his departure in spectacular fashion on May 30. Ambati Rayudu, who currently has six IPL titles (counting the ones he won with MI), played a glimmering appearance (19 off 8 balls) where he dismantled Mohit Sharma's difference in pace and hauled CSK in the groove again in pursue before Ravindra Jadeja put the final details.

Dhoni stated, "The special thing about Rayudu is that he will always give his 100 percent when he is on his field." Be that as it may, with him in the group, I won't ever win the fairplay grant. Since the India A tours, I've been playing with him for a long time. He is a player who is equally adept at playing pace and spin. It's something truly unique. I felt he would accomplish something truly unique today."

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